Dorico 4 Verification Pending (grace period upgrade with purchase from Steinberg webshop aka AskNet)


I went through the instructions @dspreadbury generously prepared and shared:
“For people awaiting Dorico 4 grace period updates who bought in the End of Summer Sale”

But it ended with a “verification pending” status.
Then, I opened a support ticket with the following info:

  • Your Steinberg ID email address
  • The eLicenser serial number for your qualifying Dorico 3.5 license (you can find this in eLicenser Control Center)
  • The Download Access Code you received from the Steinberg online shop

It has been over a week now, and I had received not a single email from Steinberg support.
Please help.

Best regards,

Welcome to the forum, @Paul_Yuen. Please let me know your ticket number and I’ll ask my colleagues in support for an update on your case.

Thank you, Daniel @dspreadbury!
My support ticket number is #450490.

Having followed the same instructions, I am in a similar position, and I also opened a support ticket with details of my qualifying 3.5 (elements) license and my sales receipt from the Steinberg online shop.

May I respectfully ask, Daniel @dspreadbury, if I too may DM you with my ticket number with a view to getting an update on my case.

(I received a ‘Your request has been received’ acknowledgement email seven days ago but have received nothing further, and on reviewing my situation today I find that if I click on the link to
my support call with which to review and respond with additional comments, I am disappointed to see a Steinberg graphic page stating:
404 Page not found.
The page you’re looking for can’t be found. The link is broken or the page has been moved".)

Thanks and Regards,

Welcome to the forum, @BrianR777, and yes, of course, you can send me your ticket number and I’ll ask my colleagues in support for a status update.

Hello dear Steinberg users . Can somebody talk me what happen if I’m activating my dorico pro 3,5 license today after release of pro 4? I bought this in 2020 from steinberg online shop ask net but not yet activated.
Did I’m have grace period to pro 4 and able to save my 3,5 license on the dongle?
Thanks .

Yes, Viktor, if you activate your Dorico Pro 3.5 license today, you should find that after you have activated it, if you run the default maintenance task in eLicenser Control Center, you will be prompted to go online to redeem your grace period update automatically.

Thank you Daniel, I have direct messaged my support ticket number to you.

Hello All,

Thank you, Daniel. The previous "verification pending’ was caused by a redundant Dorico Pro 4 (waiting to be activated) in the account. With the help from the Steinberg support team, the Dorico Pro 4 can be properly activated once the redundant Dorico Pro 4 was removed from the account.