Dorico 4 Verse numbering

Where some lyrics don’t begin on the first note of the melody, verse numbers appear in front of the first word, not the first note, which looks ragged. I know I can put (say) underscores instead of spaces but this too looks awkward.

Is there a way to show verse numbers before the first note in this case please?

You could use a non-breaking space <alt><shift><space>.

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In fact, you can use one, old-fashioned regular space too.

How do you input that? Doesn’t a regular space advance to the next note?

It does, as in the OP’s verse 7.

I would just use a dash, such as – (en-dash, Option-hyphen on Mac, Alt-0150 on Windows). It’s centered vertically, which I think is better. But if you want a blank, use Craig’s suggestion.

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I’m sorry; you’re right. When it’s at the very beginning, you do need at least one alt-shift-space, and then after that, you can use arrows to skip past unused notes.

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Thank you for all the quick replies.

When I try that with a new verse the number still appears in front of the first word - not the Alt Shift space. However, if I enter characters first (say x and Y) and turn on the verse numbers, then replace the x with an Alt Shift Space, and the y with a regular space, the verse number stays at the beginning. So I have a workaround, thank you again.

Do tell me please if yiu can see I have misunderstood how this worked for you. It’s still early days for me with Dorico and it takes a while to sink in…

per me la soluzione più elegante, per Edizioni Musicali, è il 7. Test del tuo esempio.
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Something seems amiss on your end. I do not need to enter a character in first and go back and edit.

I can start a new line of lyrics and alt+shift+space no problem:

Yes Romanos - but see what happens if you input a couple of spaces in a new verse and type your first word under (say) the third note.

double check my gif again. that’s exactly what I did (albeit the second beat)

a single “hard space” on the first beat is sufficient.

Thank you for your reply Dorico54 - my italien is very very poor - do you mean to simply type in the verse number? or just let Dorico display it before the first word?

Of course after entering Shift+Alt+Space you still have to hit Space or right arrow to go to the next syllable. I wonder if you missed that bit. It’s working for me.

to reiterate the point:

  1. input a single hard space (alt+shift+space) at the very beginning,
  2. arrow forward to where you want lyrics to begin and enter first lyric:
    lyrics gif 3
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Thank you Romanos - in your gif the first word, “All” is under the first note (f). My problem is when the first word is under a later note (say b or a).

I thought you wanted the verse numbers to all appear before beat one, and not what you had pictured above.

This is exactly what I demonstrated here:

But if I’m mistaken, just start your lyrics where you want to start them.
lyric 4

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Thank you Romanos - I’m sorry - not explaining well enough.
The idea is to start the lyrics at any note but still have the verse number appear at the beginning of the staff, with all the others

Then you may take this approach, very well demonstrated by Romanos:: Dorico 4 Verse numbering - #14 by Romanos

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Lascia fare tutto a Dorico, è il modo più bello per le Edizioni Musicali.
Ecco cosa fa Dorico:
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P.S.: scusami tu se parlo italiano ma non conosco la lingua inglese.
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scusami ma vorrei chiederti: cosa adoperi per fare quei bellissimi esempi video che alleghi? (io ho un Mac).
Grazie e scusami ancora se la mia domanda non è pertinente all’argomento del forum.
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