Dorico 4 Verse numbering


[google] Ci sono altri registratori dello schermo là fuori, tuttavia. So che questo è abbastanza costoso, ma l’ho comprato per la prima volta anni fa quando era più economico e ho fatto gli aggiornamenti incrementali, quindi non mi ha colpito così duramente.

Grazie, gentilissimo.

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Thank you very much Romanos - your animation for asdf wasn’t working for me at first, but now I can see you are getting exactly the results I want.

Please could you say at which point you turn on the verse number? If I try to turn it on when the lyrics popover is active, the popover closes and the setting is lost. But if I enter the first word, close the popover and go back to the beginning I can turn it on successfully.

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Engraving options > lyrics

I did not turn these on manually. That is why as soon as I enter one dummy space, a verse number appears (because there is a new line).

That said, you certainly can turn them on (or off) in particular places by using the properties panel. You could, for instance, enter three or four alt+shift+spaces and then click on that “lyric” and activate it via the properties panel, but it’s easier to just set how you want things in engraving options.

(You generally can’t interact with properties when popovers are active, or at least not in a reliable or particularly enjoyable way.)

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Then I owe you an apology Romanos - I should have indicated in the title that I’m using Elements 4 so I do not have the Engrave settings for turning verse numbers off/on and have to set it for individual verses.

Even so you have certainly enabled me to see how to fix it - so thank you very much.

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