Dorico 4: Very slooow working on Windows 11

Hi All,
I am finally making a bit of time to get used to Dorico, but I am extremely hampered by the ridiculously slow speed that Dorico is working at. I imported an xml file from Sibelius and am re-engraving it in Dorico. At the moment, I am trying to put some title pages at the front. Dorico is slowing down to a snails pace when adding text frames to the title page., In fact any operation seems to cause it to hang for anything from 10 seconds to a few minutes before i can move on.
Is this a known thing? Could it be because I imported the file and then split it into separate flows? (It’s a collection of carol arrangements.)

Your help would be much appreciated.
My specs are a windows 11 laptop with nearly 16TB of fast drives, including 2 x 1TB internal SSDs. An intel i7 Processor and 32GB RAM. I’m trying to use Dorico

Many TIA.

Please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here, and if you could also upload the project itself, that would be helpful.

Hi Daniel.

Nice to be in touch again.

Please find requested files attached,



seven carols for brass quintet_S2020.dorico (2.26 MB)

Dorico (2.34 MB)

Sorry. Your file behaves perfectly normally here (modest Win10, Ryzen5, 32GB).
I have had problems in the past with slow files on Dorico 4.2 - but none recently.

Sometimes a file> save as (to something different) seemed to help. (but I’ve no scientific proof)

A bizarre thought… and I’ve no idea if (or how) this could possibly impact editing speed… but I did switch from WASPI to old fashioned MME (with FlexASIO), mostly to solve an audio problem when switching between programs, but I’ve made no other changes to my system.

Hi and thanks for your rapid reply.

Firstly. let me say that I had not been listening to playback at all, being initially interested only in presentation for now. Since I posted I have discovered a couple of things.

  1. When I closed Dorico and then re-opened it and re-opened the score, the score was editable in reasonable time, but after about 10 mins or more, the slowness crept back in.
  2. I noticed that certain things would not work if the “power button” on the playback panel was turned on.

power button

  1. When I did, actually, play the file back there was a lot of distortion and stuttering in the playback.

Having looked at a few other answers to similar questions, I thought I’d try changing the driver from the Focusrite ASIO. The options in the drop down are limited to 4. I tried them all, closing Dorico and reopening it each time. None of the other drivers produced any sound whatever. The ASIO Direct X Full Duplex and Generic Asio drivers didn’t produce any sound at all but did produce an error message, after switching to the focusrite driver again, I had to restart twice before i could get any sound out of it! I don’t have Thunderbolt on this PC.
ASIO driver

I also changed the sample rate from 44100 to 48k. The quality improved slightly, but only slightly. I generally just use NotePerformer for playback, and I’m on the latest version. This system works perfectly well, with superb sound quality, on Sibelius - even the latest, more flaky version.

FWIW, I also have playback issues with Soundcloud and some other web pages that play sounds - but not with all (ScoreExchange, Sheet Music Plus et all are all pretty good). I find this quite baffling. Surely they would all ‘misbehave’?

Any help greatly appreciated.

Remote diagnosis always hard/impossible, but isn’t this pointing to the Focusrite unit?

I have Window 11 Insider Preview latest update and all ASIO drivers work fine, from PreSonus Studio USB to ASIO4All.

File works fine for me Windows 11. These are really beautiful arrangements. No problem with the score at all. Noteperformer works great - and sounds superb.

Looking at the diagnostics, it appears that in general things work at about the kind of speed I would expect, but from time to time the audio engine struggles to respond, and that causes things to slow down. Have you checked for driver updates for your Focusrite device?

@dspreadbury exactly what I was attempting to suggest.

Hi Daniel and Andro. I think I solved the glitching. My focusrite driver defaulted to 1024 samples. When I changed it to 512, the glitching went away.

I’ve still not solved the issue of the slowing down, but hey, baby steps!

Thanks all.

Thanks for the compliment, @Andro . It’s nice to know I can do good work! :smiley:

When Dorico seems really slow to you, do Help > Create Diagnostic Report at that point and attach the resulting zip file here, along with brief details of what you were doing and where you were doing it in your project, so we can take a look at that specific spot and those specific places.

Dorico Diagnostics (2.3 MB)
Dorico Diagnostics (2.3 MB)
Hi Daniel,

Thanks for this.

The one numbered three: I was editing instrument names and finding my way around the project info dialog. I clicked on a note to edit some text (Changing MM from just = 104 to Alla marcia = 104). After that everything slowed down. I saved and closed and then restarted and opened again. I just checked the Focusrite settings (I had used Sibelius earlier) and, sure enough it had reset to 1024 samples. I set it to 512 and closed and restarted Dorico.
The one numbered 4: I started trying to edi the wildcard texts to get a subtitle and again the slowdown started. Just double clicking the frame resulted in a wait of several seconds. BTW, this is a different project. It’s a march written by a friend and translated into Dorico by me.
Concert March - The Swift_ML.dorico (3.7 MB)
I have checked my driver versions on the Focusrite website and, just for the craic, I uninstalled and reinstalled them to make sure the installation was ‘good’.

Hope this helps.

Do you by any chance have the Google Drive application installed on your PC? If so, could you try uninstalling it to see if it has any impact on the performance of Dorico on your computer?

Hi, Daniel.

Actually, I don’t. I tend to use one of Box, Dropbox or OneDrive for cloud storage. When I searched, I did find a HP GoogleDrive plugin for one of my printers, but I’ve never used it.

Thanks for all your help.


Looking at the most recent session in “3”, it doesn’t appear as if Dorico was behaving especially slowly. Performing Save As took 23 seconds a while before you created the diagnostic report, which is certainly unusual, and perhaps that is due to Dorico having to wake up an external drive or sync with a cloud service or something? But edits subsequent to that all appear to be completed in between 100 and 250ms, which doesn’t seem problematically slow to me. What specific operations became slow at that point?