Dorico 4 : Very strange behavior in Play Mode


I don’t know what’s wrong with this, but sometimes when I try to load old Dorico 3.5.10 files, I hit Play but the playback get stuck, like something blocking the playback.

At first glance when I load the dorico file, I notice that red triangle on the right bottom corner telling me that something is wrong:

I even tried to Reset Playback Overrides and Load Sounds for unsigned Instruments but nothing fixes the playback even I usually set it to NotePerformer.

Thanks a lot for your attention Dorico Team.

Are you using an M1 Mac? If so, and you want to use NotePerformer, then you will need to run Dorico 4 under Rosetta.

Hi Rich,

Thanks for your reply, below is my MacBook Pro Retina infos:

I re-installed Dorico 4 through SDA.

Happened here too but restarting Dorico solved it.