Dorico 4 Video audio playback issue

The audio on a video I’m using in Dorico is sped up to the point of being completely incomprehensible and out of sync with the video when I play it in the dorico session- This is not a problem on the original file, I checked, restarting didn’t work and it is still happening after I made a new session as well. This was not happening until today.

Did you check the samplerates?
I don’t know of Dorico applies automatic SR-conversion, but if your video is in 48 kHz while Dorico uses 96kHz it might be playing the video back twice as fast.

That was it- I thought it was too drastic of a change to be sample rate related but setting it from 44.1 to 48k fixed the issue

I don’t think it’s the sample Rate that was Set in Dorico, but rather another program which set it to sth like 96k while Dorico was open, from what you described. In that way the samplerate of your Interface changed without Dorico knowing it.
Anyhow, setting the samplerate in Dorico let’s Dorico take back Control of the Interface.