Dorico 4 - Where is the json Key Commands File? - Mac Big Sur/Metagrid Pro

Hi to all.

I recently purchased Metagrid Pro which has Dorico 4 integration available through the key command file. I can’t seem to locate it on my MBP running Big Sur. I’ve looked in all the suggested locations suggested in a couple of forum posts in my system library and user library folders but can’t seem to find it. Just wondering if anyone has Metagrid Pro going with Dorico 4. The previous version was great but there isn’t really any pre-existing profiles with workspaces/grids for the new app around and am just wanting to make sure I have the key command file in the right place before I build a custom profile. If you run a DAW, Metagrid is great. Hoping to get a similar setup with Dorico. Guilty as usual for probably posting before searching but I’m hoping someone is trying to get Metagrid Pro working and may know where this json file is. All the best, Simon

Check your user library (usually referred as a tilde), you might need to press alt while you open the go to menu in the finder. Then Application Support / Steinberg / Dorico 4

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Thanks Marc. Can’t seem to find it. Is it because i’ve never exported my key commands before? Here is my Dorico 4 folder. My Dorico 3.5 didn’t have one either. Weird. Cheers Simon

It’ll only be there if you’ve added any custom key commands yourself. All of the factory shortcuts are stored in a separate keycommands JSON file within the application bundle itself.


Hi Simon,

I can’t see a workspace for Dorico 4 either but don’t worry - if you set up a new Profile in Metagrid Pro’s Content Manager for Dorico 4, you should be able to import the Metagrid Pro / Dorico 4 Grid from Dropbox. If it’s not there, put the file below into the Metagrid Pro / Grids Folder in Dropbox and then import that… (277.3 KB)

As Leo says, the Key Command File will only be there if you’ve created your own commands. However, that’s just an extra element to ensure everything is covered as Metagrid already reads all of Dorico’s own Key Commands - they’re available in the Integrations section of Metagrid Pro when you assign a new macro. If you click on the Dorico line (shown in the first image below) that’ll load the first macro - if you click on that you’ll see and be able to search on all the macros that are available (second image below).

If you’re still having problems, DM me in the Metagrid forum and I’ll do my best to sort things out for you.


Thanks for all your help guys. I’ll see how i go. I’ll chat to you over on the MG forum David. Got some learning to do here! Good to know about the json file. Gotta get into the world of Macros! I’ve spent so much time building templates i don’t know any key commands anyway! Bad joke coming. Need a macrowave! i told you it was bad. Dorico on!