Dorico 4 Windows 11 and no sound

I’m one of those luddites still in the Windows world. My original computer upgraded from Dorico 3.5 works just fine. However, now that I can install it on my laptop as well (Thank you, very very much) the install works with everything except sound. There must be some switch I’ve failed to set, but my feeble mind just can’t find it. Can you help?

Welcome to the forum, @Randy_B. When you installed Dorico 4 on your second machine, did you use Steinberg Download Assistant to download and install the software? I’d recommend that when installing on a new computer, you go to the Dorico category in SDA, then choose Dorico Pro 4, then click the Install All button at the top right-hand corner. That will download and install everything you need in one go. When all of the progress bars are green, run Dorico 4 and everything should work fine.

If after that what Daniel suggests you still get no sound, then please load one of the demo projects and then do ‘Help > Create Diagnostics Report’ and post the corresponding zip file here.

Thank you for your help. Hopefully I attached the diagnostic zip file here correctly. This remains quite a mystery to me.

Dorico (395 KB)

Hi @Randy_B , okay, it is clear. Under Edit > Device Setup the Generic Low Latency driver is selected but the driver can’t find any ports to play the audio out to. May I ask you to watch this tutorial video, there is also a section in there that deals with the case when the Generic Low Latency driver does not find output ports.
Please come back should you still have trouble.

Some success and some confusion:
My Windows 11 PC is an HP Spectre x360 14 with an Intel 11 Gen i7 Tiger Lake processor. In looking at the sound driver, it looked like a RealTek system. Given that there was a headphone jack, I decided to see if I could connect to some earphones I had handy, and Success!! sorta. I now have glorious sounds coming out of the laptop’s speakers, but nothing out of the plugged in earphones. To be thorough, I decided to try a pair of Bluetooth headphones, results were similar to the plugged in earphones.

I’ll take another look at the tutorial video again to see if I need to set up additional device settings for the headphone jack and for bluetooth devices.

If you have any more insights on this, I’d enjoy hearing from you. In any case, after I’ve looked at these from this end, I’ll send you an update. Bottom line good news is that I’m getting audio from the laptop.

Thank you for helping me get this far.


In the Dorico FAQ is also a section about BlueTooth devices. Please read that as well.