Dorico 4.x Template wont prevent page override - what am I doing wrong?

So… thanks for your help so far.
I was trying to insert two pages before the 1`st music page and have created a templet for them to prevent page override. I have named that templet as Preface and have filled text in the template itself to try and prevent override - mostly just to try and do things the right way but for some reason I am getting page override - what am I doing wrong? b.t.w - in the templates video inserting pages before the 1st page he also got a page override… - thanking in advance for your reply.

If you want to avoid the override, use a page template change rather than inserting a page.

In the top right panel, right click on the page you want to change (in this case probably page 1) and insert page template change


I will add, you can apply the Page Template Change on the already inserted pages then you can safely remove the override.

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Fantastic. :slight_smile: thanks to you all very much ! :slight_smile: