Dorico 4

In Dorico, how can I express a chord symbol such as Ebdim7 in the form Eb(with raised o)? My friends are requiring the use of the zero. Dorico does an amazing job of generating chord symbols, but it doesn’t seem to allow the raised o in displaying them.


Hi @normberk – have you checked the various options for the appearance of different chord symbols in either (if you have Pro) Engraving Options > Chord Symbols, or (if you have Elements) Library > Chord Symbols?

I’ve found Engraving Options > Chord Symbols in Pro, and I found that I can substitute a small circle for “dim” in the engraving options (Ebdim7) – to see it work I seem to need to do a save; but I can’t get rid of the 7, which my friends say they don’t need to see. Thanks, Lillie, for your help
P.S. The “Generate chord symbols from selections…” works amazingly well.

You should be able to set Appearance of diminished seventh to Circle only to remove the 7.

P.P.S I finally was able to eliminate the “7” from Ebdim7. Thanks, again, for your help.


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