Dorico 5.0.10 Update : Custom Instrument Families Request

I haven’t yet been able to work with the update that says it fixed many of the initial custom instrument issues. The version history seems to indicate that variants will now consistently inherit the families of the original. My request is that in the instrument editor we have access to a dropdown in the Families field that enables us to freely edit that field.

If one has a number of created instrument variants from before the update that did not successfully inherit the Family assignments from the original, currently the only option is to delete them and start all over again. (Unless I’m missing something.)

I think it’s pretty inevitable that the Instrument Editor will see improved and expanded functionality in updates through the life of version 5.


You can manually make the edit in your userlibrary.xml if you want. When you scroll to the InstrumentEntityDefinition of the instrument you created, just copy the entity ID …

… and add it to the InstrumentFamilyEntityDefinition like the end of this:

You can even create a Custom family too, so I manually add all my custom instruments to that.

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Thanks for the suggestion, Fred.

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We have already said in a few places, including both in the Version History and in my blog post announcing the release of Dorico 5, that editing families and instrument score orders is planned for the future.


Ah, sorry, missed that Daniel.