Dorico 5.0.10 update doesn’t recognize MIDI device

I know that a number of users have already discussed this problem: I have updated to Mac OS 13 Ventura and since then I can no longer connect the Yamaha SY-99 to Dorico 5, which has also been updated.

I’ve also updated the midi driver "Fast Lane“.

I still have Dorico 4.3 in the system and there is no connection to the midi keyboard either, although IT WORKED BEFORE the operating system change from OS 10.14.6 to OS 13.

Countless system and programme restarts brought no success, the light at the bottom right remains dark.

Can anyone help?

Hi @Stentor , for a start, please load a project into Dorico and then do from the menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. From that I will get a first overview and can come up hopefully with more advice. Thanks

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Dear Ulf, perhaps you can “heal at a distance” ;-).
I spent five hours (!) trying to get notes from the keyboard, reloaded the MOTU driver, activated it, checked all the connections, and I couldn’t stop pressing every available button over and over again.

…and now suddenly… it lit up green. It also worked when I reloaded Dorico 5. Digital puzzle! I think, it was during you wrote your answer…

Many, many thanks for your quick willingness to save me “from going into the water”!

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Probably my problem (no communication between keyboard and Dorico 5) had to do with the fact that I had previously updated the operating system from Mac OS 10.14 Mojave to OS 13 Ventura, as Dorico 5 cannot run otherwise.

In order to adapt the OS 13 to MIDI, one action was probably important for the function of the MIDI interface: not only to download and install the app “MOTU USB MIDI System Extension”, but also to ACTIVATE (RUN) it.