Dorico 5.0.20 crashing a lot

Suddenly at about 90 pages in of my fairly dense piano score Dorico keeps crashing out every few minutes. I don’t feel I am doing anything different to what I normally do. No new VST’s or anything like that.

Diag. file is 20MB (> Steinberg Discourse instance 4MB). What to do?

Sending the file via email to @dspreadbury d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de usually helps. Or uploading it via Dropbox, Google Drive or any other filesharing site.

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Not a good idea to advertise daniel’s email address - could you remove it?

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Andrew, it looks like Dorico is crashing in a specific place when attempting to calculate the horizontal extent of a particular tuplet. It would be helpful if you could provide the project itself (via email if you don’t want to attach it here) together with details of how to reproduce the crash.

Thanks! However, I cannot reproduce deterministically at will. It’s not any particular tuplet. This is modernist music and it is 90 pages of tuplets of various types continuously (literally, really). It’s the same piece I have sent you previously. Impossible to nail down. I don’t know what to think. It’s hard, because you will likely never see other examples of music like this New Complexity School work done in Dorico I suppose. Not exactly a common sort of use case. After it crashes and I recover and save the project I am able to go on, but it does get somewhat tedious after this keeps happening. Anyway, I can get the engraving done - it’s not a total showstopper.

As a temporary measure, can you copy more music into a new scratch file and then see if you can copy & paste a bunch of it into the big file?

Next time it happens, make a note of exactly what you were doing at the time the crash occurred, and where, and send me the project along with those details, and maybe I (or more likely one of my expert tester colleagues) will be able to reproduce the problem.

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He posts it himself very frequently. It’s no secret.

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