Dorico 5.0.20 Crashing when cross staff beaming

I don’t know what’s happened in Dorico 5, but I’ve never experienced a single crash until today (that I can remember) while using Dorico (I’ve been with you all since 3.0).

I’ve added two harps to my piece and the top harp (Harp 1) seems fine. But, the bottom harp (Harp 2) crashes every time I try to apply cross staff beaming. I’m using BBC SO Pro.

I don’t want to submit a project until you all have had a chance to check this out.

You might as well save the time and them from having to tell you to do so–by submitting a diagnostic report.

As Larrance says, we’ll need a set of diagnostics (Help > Create Diagnostic Report) to be able to investigate further. Even better if you could also please cut down your project to just the problematic harp instrument and attach it here together with a description of the steps required to reproduce the problem, so we can reproduce it for ourselves.

Every time Dorico restarts, It asks me if I want to submit a report and that’s what I’ve been doing.


Maybe that’s a (crash) report that gets sent directly to the techs. The Dorico report is saved to your desktop (or somewhere on your computer) and you have to send it to the team yourself–to this team here on this forum.

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Thanks for submitting the crash reports when prompted. This helps us to see in the aggregate what problems customers are experiencing, but these reports are anonymous, so I can’t find your specific issue. Please do as I’ve asked and I’ll be happy to investigate your specific problem.

I will try to get to it lunch today


I tried uploading, but it says the diagnostic file is too big… It’s 11MB.

Is there an email address where I can send it?

Of course, you can send it to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de. Make sure you include the project (or, better still, a cut-down version sufficient to reproduce the problem) and the steps required to reproduce the problem with your email.