Dorico 5.1.2 Crash Audio Engine

Dorico last Version on MAC M1. 14.3.1. Have many crashes. Before the update had the same problems. It’s always the audio engine. Had opened two Dorico files. Switching between the files has caused a crash. After restarting Dorico I get this error. /see attached picture

Diagnostic report also attached
Dorico (2,3 MB)

Hi @Mehmet_Yesilcay , thanks for the data.
Unfortunately there are no crash files contained, so I wonder, does Dorico or the audio engine really crash. To find out more, please open the Activity Monitor and sort by name and look for a process called VST Audio Engine after launching Dorico. When you then continue normal work, is it reproducible? I’d like you also to create spin dumps of Dorico and VST Audio Engine when it appears freezing. Thanks

Hi, Ulf.

Although I believe that I have provided spindumps to one of your Steinberg employees (might be you or someone else) years ago, I have to state that the process of self-capturing the spindump can be hard to understand for some Dorico users with less experiences of debugging softwares.

I would like to suggest either you or the Dorico team to provide a dedicated official demonstration video to teach users how to supply their own individual spindump data of Dorico application and / or Steinberg VST Audio Engine.

If such video tutorial is already made available, please omit this reply.

Hi Ulf, I switched to Dorico last year and continued working with Sibelius at the same time because Dorico just wasn’t as good as Sibelius. I already told John Baron about the crashes with V4 last year. I work with Sibelius, Finale, Musescore, Pro Tools. Logic, Digitalperformer. None of these programmes crash. I only have the problem with Dorico. Since I have a lot of music on Finale and Sibelius, I export the material as .xml for Dorico. When I start one of these programmes, Dorico no longer works. Always this error with the audio engine. Now I have two Dorico files open and switch back and forth between the two and Dorico crashes again. (or freezes). I have no idea how this soin dump works. But I am very tired of investing so much time in Dorico errors. My two assistants are back from Dorico to Sibelius. If this continues I will give up Dorico. I’m not the only one with this problem! All I can say is that the errors happen as described. Either a crash or when restarting Dorico, the error message appears after 20 seconds when searching for the audio engine and it is not found. I can test again tomorrow when I have time and perhaps report more.


I don’t even know what spin dump is. I don’t see it as my job to find out what Dorico is doing wrong…

With multiple projects open, it’s best to deactivate playback, so Dorico isn’t constantly having to reload the playback.

On the rare occasion I have a problem, it is usually when I have Kontakt instruments loaded (but that is a purely anecdotal observation)

If Dorico does crash - step 1 should always be to kill the VSTAudioEngine process before restarting.

Personally, I have no problem running Dorico in parallel with Finale, MuseScore or Sibelius.

Hi @Mehmet_Yesilcay , I’ve sent you a private message via this board, please check.

If my assumption is correct, spindump is kind of a process-specific memory snapshot, helping the developers to diagnose the status of all running classes, structs, etc. of the captured application at the time.

@ShikiSuen, yes that is correct.

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You don’t. Ideally, you provide evidence so they can find out what’s going wrong.


What he means is that he could have been focusing on his work, but now he has to spend time enduring the inconvenience caused by Dorico’s bugs and reporting bugs to the forum.

This time and energy could have been used on his work.


But then the engineers have no way to gather usable informations to solve the bug this user had met. Telemetry is somehow intrusive and not all users want to turn it on by default.

No worries, I’m already in direct contact with Mehmet and he provides with the info I need. Not yet, but I’m pretty certain that I or someone of my colleagues will be able to help him soon.

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After my update Dorico elements 4 to 5 I do have the similar problem. Audio engine causes problems and and I cannot open Dorico 5.
Dorico (715,2 KB)
I do work on a Mac with Ventura 13.6.4

Welcome to the forum @Remko_de_Landmeter .

There are no crash files contained, so I wonder.
If you open Activity and have a look for a process called VST Audio Engine, does it simply go away after some time? Is it marked as “not responding”?

If you go to Macintosh HD/Library/Audio/Plug-ins and temporarily rename the folders VST and VST3 to something else and then try to start Dorico 5, how does it behave then?

Dear Ulf,
thanks so much for your quick respond!
In the activity monitor app I can not find a VST process. But if I change the names of the VST folders in the plug in file, like you advised me, I can open Dorico 5.
It seems there is a problem with a Spitfire BBC plug in (see the picture), but I do not know how to solve this. Even when I ‘cancel’ this message….

Dorico 4 functions well without any problem.
Thank you very much
Remko de Landmeter

Hi Remko,
okay, I see. Well, which version of Spitfire BBCSO do you have and are you maybe entitled for a free update. Because you have a VST2 version of it, but there is aVST3 version already out, which you should better use.
Better advice I don’t have right at this moment.

Thanks! Spitfire is up to date. But it seems there is a conflict with the VST2 folder.
If I rename it I can open Dorico 5 and it works fine…

Hi @Remko_de_Landmeter ,
okay, great, this now leads into the right direction. So it is some dodgy VST2 plug-ins then. You can find out yourself now, it will only be a little time intensive.

The procedure is pretty simple: You still have the VST folder renamed, right?
Now, create a new VST folder again… Then you start copying plug-ins one by one from the renamed folder to the new VST folder and try to start Dorico. If Dorico launches, that’s good, stop Dorico and copy the next plug-in; if not then you know that the last plug-in you copied in is somehow rotten. You understand the logic?

Depending on how many plug-ins you have, this procedure can become really long and boring. But you can also change the strategy slightly, by copying groups of plug-ins, e.g. 5 or 10 in one go. So if Dorico chokes again, you know one of the last group is the culprit. Then you throw out the last group again and continue with the original strategy.


This I will check, thanks for your advice!