Dorico crashing: Project default chord symbol appearances

When I try to edit the default chord symbol appearances, Dorico crashes on closing of the dialog. When I reopen, any saved changes I’ve made before the crash are not saved. My preexisting saved defaults are gone as well—not all of them, but most of them, in particular any that involved changing the scale of chord extensions (7, 9, 11, etc.). I’m on an M1 macbook air.
Dorico 5-2024-04-03-093045.ips (60.4 KB)

Thanks for reporting this – I can confirm the problem. We’ll look into this with urgency.


I don’t know if this is related, but I’m now on my other computer running 5.1.21 and I notice my chord settings are not staying put when I choose “save as default” in the chord symbols editing window. I must not have noticed this before, but:

I open an existing file in which I changed the scale of the extension in the chords F7, F9, F11, etc. and the numbers appear scaled to 85% as I set them. When I open the dialog to check the “project default appearances” I do not see any of the above chords listed. I do see the chords Fm and Fmaj7, which I did edit and which do seem to remain as defaults, but the others are not listed there.

If I add new chord symbols to the list for any of these chords with extensions (like F7), It appears in the list and I can select it to edit. If I choose to edit the “7”, it opens up with my settings of 85%. I then choose “save as default” and close.

If I open a new project, the only chords that appear on the list are Fm and Fmaj7, and the scaling of 85% does not hold from my previous attempt to default it.

Here’s a video walking through the process:

In general the mechanism to save chord symbols to the user library (by clicking Save as Default in Library > Chord Symbols) does seem to be working. Perhaps it’s not clear that you need to click Save as Default for each chord symbol in the Project Default Appearances list: only the selected chord symbol will be saved.

That doesn’t seem to work for me. If I select any of the chords with numeric extensions and save as default, it appears to become the default: the little “*” disappears. However, when I then reopen any document the saved chords are gone from the list. Can you confirm that it works with chords like F7 and F9? If so, I must be doing something wrong but have no idea what it is.

I’ll note that I have some individual projects in which I have made these adjustments and can apply those to new projects via the Library Manager import, but while the changes are in effect they do not show in the list of chord overrides.

I’ve had a quick look at your video, and I think the main problem is that you are making an edit to the chord symbol appearance, and then immediately pressing “Save as Default”. The problem here is that “Save as Default” will save the settings that are currently in use in the project, not the settings that are currently shown in the dialog - you need to “Apply” your edits first (to save them into the project) and then do “Save as Default” (to copy the project settings into the defaults).

@Richard_Lanyon: That works! Thank you!