Dorico 5.1.30

Sorry, there is no CrashDump from today in that folder. But there were several which showed up automatically. I sent them to Steinberg directly.

Hi @JoPiano , @Ulf is the audio expert by Steinberg.

And he (Ulf) won’t be able to help you as the files sent directly to Steinberg are anonymous and just for their development. Send it here and you’ll get direct help.

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Sorry for my ambiguous previous post.
@JoPiano, Ulf asked to send ihm the file (for the reason latin explained). If you feel uncomfortable to post it here, you can send it him as attachment in a Private Message. If you click on Ulf’s image you find the blue Message button.

I substituted my admin name for “sophia” in the script and ran it, and then did a re-install from Steinberg Download manager, and got the same message.

Is there something else that needs changing? Is the “staff” the right word to use in all instances / my case ?
Not being a terminal script writer I submit these strings of stuff with no idea what they mean or intend to do.

Stephen Bashforth

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Music with soul is life

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We now know what’s going on with your device, Andy. When we run the new update for the first time, we are updating the built-in sound content to use less highly-compressed sounds, to fix some compression artifacts that are present in some instruments. The problem is that this migration step is taking much longer on your device than on any of the devices we’ve tested internally, and so the app is getting shut down by the watchdog process before the migration step is completed.

We’re going to need to come up with a different approach to handle this migration step for older devices like yours. Please bear with us while we work out a good approach to solve this problem.

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Hi @JoPiano , as already was mentioned, please send the crash dumps directly to me, either as private message via this forum or e-mail to u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de

oof. Ok, thanks for letting me know. DOA until a fix.

I’ll let you know just as soon as we have a potential solution for you to test.

I have exactly the same problem on iPad 5th generation, iPadOs 16.7

I’ll provide you with an update as soon as possible, too, @HerbertvanEssen. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime!

@Andy_Hunt, @HerbertvanEssen, please send me a private message (click on my picture, then the blue Message button) and send me the Apple ID email address you use on your iPad. I can then send you an invitation to try out an updated build of Dorico for iPad that we hope will fix this problem on your devices.

Hmm. I do not see a blue message button on your page. (This email is my apple ID tho).

I’ve just sent you an invitation via TestFlight, Andy.

Alas, beta version installed, but same results. IPS attached.

Dorico-2024-04-04-184219.ips (32.4 KB)

Thanks for the updated IPS file. We will go back to the drawing board again! Thanks for your patience.

Have you tried double clicking on the .vstsound files themselves? That should launch them in the Steinberg Library manager, and move them to the right location.

Perhaps @Ulf could help…

@benwiggy, not quite right. If a vstsound file is already registered somewhere else the Library Manager won’t do anything. If it is a file not known/registered yet to the Library Manager then it will prompt the user and ask what to do with it: Install and register in the default location, install and register in specified path or register in place?

I can help but I’m not really sure what @stephen.bashforth is exactly trying to do.

Hi Ulf,
I do not know in detail what the error message I get means in regard to having a fully working installation of Dorico 5.1.30.
I do not know how to write Terminal scripts to cure the issue. That leaves me with an error message and no way to solve, which is why I asked the forum.
Modifying the script from @benwiggy replacing sophia with stephenbashforth did not remove the error message, I asked discoverdorico ( aka John Barron) and he asked me to run a diagnostic script, which I have done and sent him a screen shot of the results - a long list of files.

That’s where I am.
I am happy to share the diagnostic script and output, but my feeling is that John is now investigating and I should leave the issue with him out of respect.
Thank you very much for your interest.

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My name is Wim (Bill) and I work for almost 2 years with Dorico now. (before that Sibelius)
I installed Dorico 5.1.30 and reloaded a file with a Mp4 video attached.
Now the audio from the video plays at high speed (10x?) and I can’t get it right.
Tried a new file with just one instrument, added the video; same result video plays the audio at high speed ( sounds of Dorico sound normal).
Is it a 5.1.30 bug?
Any suggestions?