Dorico update, strange occurence

I attempted to update Dorico (even if the update doesn’t particularly affect me),
but something very strange happened.

I launched the Download Assistant, and it prompted me to log in, fine.
Then to select the product, fine.
Then download the product… and… ZAP.

It deleted my entire Dorico folder’s contents.
No more .exe file. Nothing.

I was able to re-download Dorico 5, but I thought I’d mention this rather odd event.

Did you succeed in installing? I get this error message (tried to reboot, re-download etc, no difference).

If you go to the download location (default is Downloads/Steinberg) and from there launch the setup.exe, what does happen?

Speaking for myself, I was able to re-download Dorico, in its latest iteration.

So I no longer have a problem.

But I just wanted to mention this “deleting folder” event. I have NO idea how that happened.
The folder itself for Dorico5 was still there, but it was empty.
There were no other Dorico folders (I thought maybe it had installed in a new location, but no, nothing anywhere except my old version of Dorico4.)

I had a similar case when I updated the Steinberg built-in ASIO driver. After the installation, the Dorico 5 directory with the configuration files was deleted. My Dorico was virgin again :innocent:.

Steinberg’s Download Assistant is rather buggy. Whenever I open it, I get a pop-up in Japanese, which is definitely NOT my first language. I know from earlier, when the text was still in English, that it says that it can’t update Activation Manager because Halion Sonic is running, which, incidentally, it is not! I can exit this pop-up and thereby abort the update and get on with my business in the Download Assistant, but the Activation Manager is thus non-updateable. Buggy! ::

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Ulf, I am not exactly sure how to do this. If I go to this folder
I see this
and after some extraction exercises I see this.

What makes me a bit concerned is that the timestamp of this setup.exe file is a year old, making me wonder if this is an installation file from an earlier upgrade so I haven’t dared to use it - I guess it might make a mess if unlucky…

i just experienced the same behaviour as @Michel_Edward when updating Dorico 5 Elements via the Steinberg Download Assistant:
After the installation i was asked to reboot my computer. Then Dorico 5 was gone, even the desktop icon. I had to reinstall Dorico, now it works as expected.

All updates before were flawless.

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Hi @dan.h.tillberg , that with the date of the Setup.exe is correct. Because that is only the executable that puts the Dorico binaries and files into place, so this program does not change often. So don’t worry double click on that Setup.exe and see what happens

@Ulf , if I uninstall Activation Manager, reboot and then reinstall it, will that play silly buggers with my current licenses?

Hi @Nickie_Foenshauge , as long as you have access to your MySteinberg account you are safe and you can do that.

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This happens

Hi @dan.h.tillberg ,

I will send you via private message a utility program by which you can reset the Dorico 5 installation and reinstall there after.

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I have now tried reinstalling, to no avail. It still looks like

How do I get English text back?
I am on Windows 11 with Danish localisation.

Sorry about all that trouble, I don’t know at this stage, but I will try to find out.
But my Japanese is good enough that I can say that your cubase and Dorico licenses are active, so both programs should work for you, is that right?

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They both work alright, but I intend to buy an upgrade to Cubase 13 later this week, and I am a bit worried about getting it activated.

As I said, I will find out about the Japanese. On the other hand , it is just another font and the activation will equally work well. So from that perspective you are safe. But you are right, it is a nuisance that shall not be there. But we’ll get that sorted in the next days, trust me.

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Seriously? Or using Google? :astonished:

I lived 6 years in Japan and worked for Yamaha. At that time wrote software for the Motif XS synthesizer.