Dorico and reverbs

The latest version of Dorico Pro appears to be functioning inconsistently with the Fx Channel, I find that quite often it doesn’t allow me to load my 3rd party reverb (Valhalla Vintage reverb) I get a msg the an error occurred. similarly I am unable to open the stock reverb to change the reverb type. looks like this bug has crept in with the latest version update of D5

There haven’t been any changes in this area in recent updates. Please provide some steps to reproduce the problem. Unfortunately we can’t investigate without a reproducible case.

Thanks for the response Daniel, I shall take a diagnostic’s next time it happens (actually I should have taken one and sent along with my earlier post, my appologies). Since Dorico team have not made any changes in the area of my problem, wondering if this is to do with the Mac Sonana issue that I earlier reported, and for which I am waiting for the next MacOs update.

Daniel I have the diagnostics and screenshot attached herewith please. I am unable to add Fx on the Fx Channel that I added.

Dorico (817.4 KB)

Thanks very much for the diagnostics. The logs show the same error that you are seeing on the screen. From looking at what happens when the command to load a plug-in fails, it looks to me as if the call to the audio engine to load the plug-in must be failing. However, I don’t see anything in the audio engine logs to suggest that it has tried to load the plug-in – though I don’t know whether this would be logged. I will confer with Ulf and come back to you.

Hi @Ravindran (CC @dspreadbury )
your diagnostics also contain over 20 crash files of the audio engine. Those crashes are all caused by a variety of plugs from SSL, TDR, EZ* and others as well.

Can you please start out again adding effects but at the same time have Activity Monitor open and check for the VSTAudioEngine process. Does that go away when you get that error box?

Hi Ulf,
hmm… over 20 crash files of audio engine?, looks like every plugin has crashed, It is true I am having pretty annoying time with the frequent crashes., hopefully the macOS update comes fast.

I tried once again with a new project, no instrument or plugin loaded, created addition FX Channel and tried loading a valhalla reverb plugin with the Activity Monitor open, I still get the same error msg. I checked for theVSTAudioEngine Process in the ActivityMonitor after the error msg appeared, Yes VSTAudioEngine Process is present in the Activity Monitor.

Even if I load a stock reverb or delay in the additional FX channel I get the same error msg.



I repeated the same exercise once again and this time there was no error msg and the 3rd party as well as stock reverbs/ delay plugins loaded on the add FX channel without any issues. The behavior appears very inconsistent as I mentioned in the 1st post.

Ulf and I have just been discussing your case, Ravindran. Could you please go in the Finder to:

~/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 5

and zip up the whole folder, then email it to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de. I’d like to take a look at your custom playback template(s).

Sure Daniel,
I have mailed to your email ID the requisite zipped folder as an attachment.

Best Regards