Dorico 5.1.32 crash

Dorico (latest current version) is crashing if I select an ending bracket or number in Engrave Mode, or if I have the ending brackets selected in Write Mode and then switch to Engrave Mode. @dspreadbury/@Ulf, you should have received a couple of crash reports. I’m attaching a (very) reduced dorico file here.
_crash.dorico (1021.2 KB)

I can confirm that behaviour in the Dorico project supplied by the OP.
I selected an ending bracket in Write mode and when I switched to Engrave mode, Dorico quit immediately.

However, when I did the same in one of my own Dorico projects, there was no problem.

In the OP’s original file, I deleted the endings and then re-entered them - the problem disappeared.

@dspreadbury Another, possibly more worrying observation, is that in both the OP’s original file and in two of my own, Dorico quit after I selected the ending bracket and de-activated Properties > Repeat Endings > No. endings. Sometimes this also needed a switch to Engrave mode to make the quitting happen.

I had a similar problem that was resolved in 5.1.10, maybe it is related?

Ultimately the problem here is that Dorico shouldn’t allow you to unset the No. segments property: this always needs to have a valid value. For the time being, avoid unsetting this property, and you will avoid this crash altogether. Apologies for the inconvenience caused in the meantime.


Thanks. Yeah, I remember unsetting this just out of curiosity and seeing nothing happen initially, I didn’t think too much about it.
No problem regarding the inconvenience; I’m happy to contribute to making Dorico better. :slight_smile:

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