Dorico 5.1.32 crashing when clicking on single dot in Tap Tempo panel

Looks like the right panel bug is back… I’m trying to use Tap Tempo in the right panel, but when I click on the single dot it crashes. It’s happened to me twice in a row today. I’m running MacOS 11.7.10 (Intel) and Dorico 5.1.32.
@dspreadbury I’m sending you the diagnostics.

Thank you

Thanks for sending me your diagnostics. I have so far been unable to reproduce the crash you’re experiencing. Is there a specific sequence of clicks you’re making in the panel that seems to bring about the crash? I’ve tried clicking on the rhythm dot button before and after clicking on each of the other buttons in the panel, but so far I’ve had no luck in reproducing the problem.

Thanks Daniel for investigating, I’ll try to be more specific next time it happens. It felt like a combination of tapping the tempo and selecting a dotted value.

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