Dorico 5.1.32 hot fix release now available

We have just released a small maintenance update for Dorico Pro 5, Dorico Elements 5, Dorico SE 5, and Dorico for iPad, bringing the application to version 5.1.32. (Version 5.1.31 was an iPad-only release, on Friday 30 March.)

This update removes the “locked” menu items from Dorico Elements, and fixes a few problems related to the changes we made to make it possible to show these upgrade reminders in Dorico SE and Dorico Elements.

The following issues are resolved in this update:

Component Issue
Chord diagrams It is once again possible to specify the tuning to be used for chord diagrams in the context menu in the Players panel (Dorico Elements/SE only).
Engrave mode It is once again possible to make staff spacing adjustments (Dorico Elements only).
Lyrics Full-width and half-width punctuation, commonly used when setting lyrics in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, are now ignored if Punctuation at the start or end of individual lyrics is set to Ignore when positioning.
Note input When inputting notes using a MIDI keyboard, if you respell a note Dorico will no longer incorrectly go back and respell that note based on the spelling of later notes you input.
Note input Edit > Paste Special > Reduce no longer incorrectly combines voices with independent rhythms into a single voice when explicit rests are present in one or more of the source voices.
Note input Edit > Requantize now works correctly on percussion kits.
Setup mode It is once again possible to edit instrument names via the Edit Instrument Names dialog (Dorico Elements/SE only.)
Setup mode It is once again possible to add players to a new group via the context menu in the Players panel (Dorico Elements/SE only).
Text When using the {@staffLabelsFull@} token, Dorico no longer sometimes incorrectly includes spurious additional accidentals for transposing instruments (German language only).
User interface When using the light theme, on some systems the same color could be used both for selected text and the selection region in text edit controls (for example, in the Hub); this has now been fixed.
User interface Starting note input from a selected rest or other non-note item now correctly enables the articulation buttons in the Keyboard panel toolbar.
Video When using display scaling greater than 100%, the display of video in the Video window now correctly fills the entire window area (Windows only).

You can download Dorico 5.1.32 for macOS and Windows via Steinberg Download Assistant. Dorico for iPad can be updated via the App Store app on your iPad.