Dorico 5.1.32 SE chord symbol playback - not?

This is very basic, and has worked for me before, but not today…
My Piano score has some chord symbols entered.

I assign a “Chords” instrument (strings) to channel 2 in Halion, select output to Main. Highlight Chords in the Track Inspector, route to Halion channel 2, set expression to Default. Click the Chords speaker icon (now highlighted blue). Playback is fine for main instrument (piano) on channel 1, but no chord sounds.
Tried using different VSTs for chords, every combination of controls I can think of, never chord sound. There seems to be no MIDI coming from the Chords track.

Using Win10 64-bit.
Any assistance much appreciated.

I’m sorry to say that this is a regression in Dorico 5.1.32. It will be fixed in the next update, which will be coming soon. Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience in the meantime.


Thanks very much. I thought I was going crazy…