Dorico 5.1 Can't Find Iconica Sketch

Any help? Here’s a video showing what’s happening:

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Please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here.

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You’re missing quite a bit of the factory content. Please use Steinberg Download Assistant to install at least the HALion Sonic Selection and HALion Symphonic Orchestra content, and also perhaps the Groove Agent SE 5 – Content download choice.

The Iconica Sketch videos and documentation never mentioned to install HALion and the other libraries. Just to double check - the Iconica 4.8gb library is actually 40gb?

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No, Iconica Sketch really is around 5GB. The total install size for all of the recommended content is around 13GB.

The documentation doesn’t mention the other libraries because they’re not new, and they’ve always been a recommended part of the Dorico installation. Apologies for the lack of clarity. The easy way to get up and running is simply to click Install All in the top right-hand corner of Steinberg Download Assistant, which will ensure you have everything you need.

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I “installed all” and everything is working now. Thanks for the clarification. Congrats on the new update. Been glad to support your team for years and this software continues to be amazing.

Hi, @dspreadbury

I just downloaded 5.1, and am getting this message when I start up. My Halion stuff is all installed and working in my other apps. .

Screen Shot 2023-12-18 at 10.51.05 AM

I tried reinstalling Halion Sonic Selection - Content from the SDA; nothing changed. Am attaching a diagnostics file, just in case.
Dorico (687.2 KB)

Maybe you can help?



PS Am playing the “Preces and Responses” sample piece, and it appears to be playing everything… just not sure from what library! I’m guessing Iconica Sketch; sounds pretty convincing.

I’m afraid you are missing quite a bit of the HALion Sonic Selection content, as it’s now known. If you run Steinberg Library Manager, find Sonic Selection, and click Details, do you see a list of files like this?

Everything here needs to be installed correctly, otherwise Dorico won’t be able to load any of the factory playback templates, as they all have the HALion Sonic Selection as their base library.

Thanks for responding, Daniel.

Yes, as you’ll see in the pic below, all of them are present in the Library Manager and on the disk where they’re installed.

Is it possible that Dorico doesn’t know where these files are because they’re not on the system disk? Or, in other words, do I have to/ can I point Dorico to the disk where these files reside? Nuendo and Halion aren’t having any trouble finding them.

Also… per the thread on playback templates-- of course I can’t see any of them, either, including for Iconica Sketch. Its files are also definitely installed on the disk I’ve defined as default in Library Manager, and I’m able to load both the Sonic Selection and Iconic Sketch in Halion Sonic.7.

Thanks again,

I don’t know why Steinberg Library Manager would show the content as being found correctly, but the audio engine is reporting to Dorico that it’s not found, and I’m afraid I don’t know what the internal mechanism is by which it makes this determination. I’ll talk to @Ulf about this and see if we can come up with any suggestions.

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Thanks, Daniel.

I’ve heard from Ulf, and we’re going to try to set up a one-on-one. Aggravatingly, I’m taking off for the holidays tomorrow, so this mystery won’t be solved for at least a week or two.

I very much appreciate your and Ulf’s pitching in on this. Not the end of the world right now; just a little confounding!



I seem to be having similar issue. (I’ve tried what @dspreadbury suggests.) I also can’t get sound via “use best available” (which I would assume to be Iconica Sketch–so maybe it’s not available?)
Please see screenshots and tell where I messed up. Thanks.
Also, I often get an error message at startup about Groove Agent 5 not being found (even though it’s listed as downloaded)–perhaps this is a clue to the other problems?

Actually (update) I’m not getting any sound output from D5 at all anymore, so I must have seriously messed things up.
I’m shutting down for the night. Maybe the light of a new day will bring me better luck.

@wrldwdarr , that what I see in the first two screenshots looks fine to me. Could you please also post a diagnostics report?
And what if you push the ‘install again’ button in the Download Assistant, does that also not help?

Dorico (973.8 KB)

Dorico (831.6 KB)
Okay, so I went into play and found out that I had somehow killed the instruments so that’s why there wasn’t any sound.
And when I went into Play, I could see that Iconica was in there and available. But I guess for my piano/violin piece, Iconica wouldn’t be useful since it only has ensemble strings (not individual strings), right?

For solo string instruments you could use HALion Symphonic Orchestra sounds; you have them also installed. They are quite decent, I’d say, but not everyone does agree on this.