Dorico 5.1 Crash w/Diagnostic Report

Dorico 5.1 crashed on me when I closed a project. I don’t know what happened, the program just disappeared. I tried to start up the program again and couldn’t - it was hung. I had to kill it in ProcExp64. However, the attempt to start it following that step failed at the audio engine connection step. I rebooted, restarted successfully, and generated a crash dump file from within Dorico, which I’m uploading with this message (I hope something useful is in it). Please advise, and thanks.
Dorico (1.6 MB)

Unfortunately there are no crash logs inside the diagnostics, Lee, and I’m unable from a quick peruse of the application log files to see what might have happened. It looks as if perhaps the audio engine might have hung or frozen, which would explain why there are no crash logs, but also why you couldn’t continue to work in the program without force quitting everything. If you run into this again, do let us know.

Thank you. Sorry I couldn’t have been of more help.