Dorico 5.1 crash

Dorico 5.1 crashes repeatedly on my Windows 11 laptop (i7 16 Gb RAM). I need to restart the computer after it crashes, because otherwise the application ikon doesn’t respond.
This is my first experience with Dorico, I still have hope; coming from 30 years Finale, I’m a professional composer.

Welcome to the forum. Sorry your first experience is not great. Don’t give up hope!

Can you generate a Diagnostic Report, from Dorico’s Help menu, and post it here?

Thank you for your time. I think that the problem was playing the demos that came with Dorico. Maby the bug is in the connection to Halion and soliciting the Iconica files (which I did not installed because I have Iconica Opus. It definitely has something to do with the audio and the conection to Halion. The strange thing is that after a crash the program is unable to open unless I reboot.
Today I started to learn it, notation and did not bother with fancy demos and the program behaved well. Any comments? Thaks

Unless the Dorico team can see your diagnostics (as @benwiggy suggested) you won’t get sensible feedback.

Do Help>Create Diagnostic Report and upload the resulting zip file here.

The ‘fancy’ demos work fine on my computers, and most other people’s. So I don’t think they are the cause.

Hi @Emil_Awad , please do as Janus proposed. Without that diagnostics we can’t help you.

Thank you for the comment. I could not upload the file because is bigger than the allowed size, so I will send you all its pars separately.
Activation (245,5 KB) (146,9 KB) (876,8 KB) (3,6 MB)

The files are so big that I had to compres each one individually. There was one with zero bites that I could no upload nor do I think that is important (the system also prohibits it).
Thank you all for the help.

Many thanks, I will have a look tomorrow morning…

Hi @Emil_Awad , thanks for the data.
I can’t tell for sure, but it appears to me that GrooveAgent SE is making trouble. Do you actively use it in your projects? If so, what if you don’t use it? Do you still have problems then?

Hi @Ulf, I will try that and see if it helps. Thank you.

Hi @Ulf There have been several more crashes. I attach the latest report hoping that you can help find its cause. I doubt that this is only my problem.
Happy New Year!
Dorico (1001,1 KB)

Hello. I have the same problem, and maybe more (!?). When I open a file, HALion Sonic loads 68 (yes 68!) times a loading panel with nothing on it !
And, then, the sound doesn’t work. More, when I circulate from one file to another, it reloads all the 68 frames before responding. That’s a pretty huge lost of time.
I tried to load the Diagnostic you need, but the system told me :
“Sorry, the file you are trying to upload is too big (maximum size is 4 MB).”
How can I do?

@Emil_Awad, unfortunately there are no crash logs contained in your diagnostics. Are you actually getting Dorico and/or the audio engine crashing, or is it instead hanging or freezing?

@bohy, try re-applying the default playback template to your project via Play > Playback Template.

Thank you. Nevertheless, I changed the playback template in my project at around midday. It is yet 4h P.M. and the arrow is still a circle rotating in the space…
I will have do force Dorico out if I want to resume my work.
Guess what to do?

Can you attach the project here, or if it’s larger than 4MB, send it to me by email at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de?

Hi @Emil_Awad, thanks for the latest diagnostics.
There is only one recent dump file and that is actually a freeze dump of the VSTAudioEngine process. Looking at it in the debugger it appears that it is waiting for something in the new Steinberg Built-in ASIO driver.
You have version of that, where I’m pretty that we must have already a newer version than that. Tuesday our office hours start again and then I will find out from my colleagues which one is the latest and provide you that one.
A little patience please. Thanks