Dorico 5.1 for iPad improvements


Is there a document of the specific changes and fixes for Dorico 5.1 for iPad? I’ve been trying it out today. I understand Apple Pencil should work better with it, but I still find a lot of inconsistencies.

Thanks for the jump bar and the playback locking option in the key editor by the way,

Yes, the changes are detailed in the Dorico 5.1 Version History PDF.

Please provide details of the specific issues you are encountering with Apple Pencil.

From a search for “Pencil”, I find Read mode when using Apple Pencil is fixed.

I believe most/all of the issues I face have been already reported (and are related to the QT framework) so I was trying to save the Dorico team time here.

It would still be helpful to know what specific issues you’re finding bothersome, if you don’t mind spending a couple of minutes to describe them.

I’m using Apple Pencil as much as possible when using Dorico for iPad.

Issue A: pinch to zoom and scrolling is very confusing and jittery. I think with pinch to zoom, notes or rests get accidentally selected while I zoom in, which means the interface hops off to the selection point rather than the goal, being between the middle of the two fingers.

Resolution? Ignoring any selection of elements while using scrolling or zooming gestures. Making pinch to Zoom smooth as possible without jitter.

I’ll add more later.

Pinch to zoom is of course not related to the Pencil, but we know this isn’t ideal. We do plan to revisit this in future, but it requires a reasonable amount of reworking that we didn’t have time for in this release.

Here’s what it says about Iconica Sketch Ipad you blog link.

Default playback template. When Dorico detects that new sound content that is handled
by one of its factory playback templates has been installed, it will now show a simple
dialog when you next start the application, allowing you to update your chosen
default playback template to make use of the new sounds.
For example, when you first run Dorico 5.1 after installing the new Iconica Sketch
sounds, Dorico will show the dialog and offer to set the best available factory
playback template that includes Iconica Sketch. If Groove Agent SE is installed, it

I down loaded new Ipad dorica twice and still can’t find anything that says iconica sketch anywhere? I use Dorico on Windows for my pro version. Am I suppose to use the downloads manager on that for my Ipad??? I searched for Iconica sketch in Ipad apps and don’t see anything there.

In Dorico for iPad, you will only see Iconica Sketch if you have either an active monthly/annual subscription, or the Lifetime Unlock in-app purchase.

I have lifetime, but don’t see it…

You have to download it in “Preferences”, which is in the right-hand app menu (with Read mode, etc).

Note that you need an iPad Pro (or an M1 Air) to use it for large projects.

I realize that sometimes Apple does not update their store everywhere simultaneously, but a get no Upgrade button when I search for Dorico in the Apple Store, just Open.

What worries me even more is that when I first clicked that link, Apple gave me a Subscribe screen even though I purchased a Lifetime License the year it was offered.

I can wait and see whether this corrects itself, but I definitely do not want to lose my comprehensive access to the iPad version.

I found it now. Thanks.

But I’m not sure the instructions written are clear, or did I miss something

I also tried finding “template” with the “J” bar in Ipad and nothing came up.

There’s a button to “Restore Purchase”, if you’ve already paid, on the screen where you do the in-app purchase.

Meanwhile, I burned my lunch while I was fretting over this anomaly?

fretting = pun!

No worries, make another one.

I found the Restore button but not an upgrade option. Still, thank you, Ben; that gets me partway there, and I’m primarily a desktop user anyway.

Wow, and the dynamics are now working in Ipad! One thing I’ve been really hoping for! Maybe they’re still limited, I can’t tell, but I can make this work well enough.