Dorico 5.1 for iPad not recognizing ram on my iPad Pro correctly

I get an error that my IPad Pro has less than 4 gigs of ram but when I check it my apple settings it has 8 gigs of ram. It is a 5th generation iPad Pro 12.9” with 256 gigs of storage.
Has anyone else seen this.

It isn’t loading the iconica scratch correctly

Even if Dorico for iPad is incorrectly identifying your iPad, you can still use Iconica Sketch by tapping the Use Iconica Sketch button in the Reset Sounds dialog. I’ll talk to my colleague Andrew about this in the New Year.

Thank you, I was able to get it to download and it sounds awesome. A great improvement on the previous sounds. I also use StaffPad and the sounds are as good as some of the sample libraries that I have spent a bit of money on over the past few years. Great job by you and the team on the 5.1 update.

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