Dorico 5.1 ipad crash

Well………all was going SO well with the iPad update. REALLY well………Then it crashed! Luckily I save regularly so didnt lose much, All I did was try and insert a double bar using my finger.

But Lots of good improvements - both on iPad and DOrico Pro on desktop mac.

Sorry to hear that Dorico for iPad crashed. If you’d like us to investigate, please go to Privacy & Analytics in the Settings app, then go to Analytics & Improvements, then finally to Analytics Data. In there you should find the crash log that was created: its name will begin Dorico and end .ips. Zip that up and attach it here, and we’ll take a look and see what brought about the crash.

Thanks Daniel. There were 3 such files. I’ve zipped them here for you - hopefully Ive done it correctly! (29.3 KB)

Thanks very much for sending those over. What model of iPad do you have? The crash logs show that iPadOS terminated Dorico because it didn’t respond for 5 seconds.


I have iPad Pro (12.9 inches) 5th Generation. Running iPadOS 17.2

It seems very similar to this post of last year:

Obviously it’s not during startup but………

Crashing on start-up would be one thing, if the app becomes unresponsive for long enough that the iPadOS watchdog decides to shut it down. But it doesn’t sound as if you were opening a project or doing another long-running process that could result in that kind of hang. You said you were trying to insert a double barline. How big is the project you were working on?

Very small. String quartet of about 60 bars!

And is this crash reproducible every time you try to add a double barline?

No unfortunately. It worked fine once restarted! Would the RAM amount be responsible or is that taken care of automatically?

No, in this case RAM isn’t relevant, as the app was killed for being unresponsive, not because it was using too much memory.

Let me know if you run across this problem again, but if it’s not reproducible, at the moment there’s not much else I can do.

Will do. If it happens again I’ll just send you the new crash files. Thanks for your help Daniel!

well………it’s not crashed since but it has frozen! This makes iPad Dorico completely unreliable I’m afraid which is such a shame. It just freezes randomly. The only way to get it working again is to shut it down. I’ve tried the split screen approach but that doesn’t work. All work lost :frowning:

I’ll attach the diagnostic report if it helps.

Dorico (323 KB)

I’m sorry to hear about this. Can you tell me anything about what is happening when Dorico freezes? What are you doing in the app at that point? How are you interacting with the device (finger? Apple Pencil? hardware keyboard? MIDI keyboard?) at the point at which it freezes?

Basically not doing anything other than entering notes! The iPad itself doesn’t freeze. I can still open apps. It’s difficult to diagnose as I can’t reproduce it! This time i was using pencil.

Hardware is Apple Pencil and apple Magic Keyboard. I might give it a go without the keyboard to see if that works?

Basically not doing anything other than entering notes! The iPad itself doesn’t freeze. I can still open apps. It’s difficult to diagnose as I can’t reproduce it

So………this is the latest…Since disconnecting the Apple keyboard from iPad there have been no freezing or crashes!! Don’t know if this might be causing issues?

That’s very interesting. Do let me know if this appears to be a significant factor.

Will do! Certainly all day today there have been no crashes/freezes. I’ve still got keyboard removed. Harder work mind!