Dorico 5.1 is sluggish with larger orchestral projects

Hello Dorico team,
Thank you very much for the hard work on this Dorico version! Amazing job, gentlemen! :slight_smile: I highly appreciate it!

Still there is a problem that I’ve noticed with the v. 5.1.0 (build 2068).

Dorico becomes very sluggish when dealing with large orchestral projects that involve condensing. Something that I haven’t experienced until now on my computer.
The problem occurs in several areas:

  1. The Playback cursor is far behind the audio reproduction. (extremely noticeable in Galley View)
  2. Zooming In/Out by using the scroll wheel. (Mainly in Galley View)
  3. Switching from Write Mode (Galley View) to Engrave Mode.
  • Takes too much time.
  • It’s much faster to switch to Engrave from Page View

As Playback Template I’m using NotePerformer plus a very few additional virtual instruments for Kontakt that are very light on resources.

Best regards,

I don’t believe Dorico 5.1 to have different performance characteristics to Dorico 5.0.20, but in order to investigate what you have reported, you will have to provide the project you are working on.

To eliminate the possibility that NotePerformer and/or Kontakt are contributing to the problem, please apply the simplest factory playback template, HALion Sonic Selection, to the project to see whether that has any impact.

Well, Daniel, I did test with HSS + Olympus Choir + GSSE.
Still the same situation… I did a lot of work on the project that I’m going to send you in v. 5.0.20 and everything was fine.
The Options for Polyphonic Instruments are activated, including “Use rules for contrapuntal music

After the installation I did restart the PC, as well… but didn’t help…

Best regards,