Dorico 5.1 on Mac OS 14.2.1

Since updating to Dorico 5.1 and MacOS 14.2.1 I have been dealing with the audio engine not initializing and preventing Dorico from opening. Groove Agent has been a problem in the past, but a dialogue had always allowed me to clear the issue before. Is there something I can do to get around the audio engine issue?
Dorico (1.0 MB)

Sorry to hear of these problems, Joseph. Can you please try running Activity Monitor, locating both the Dorico and VST Audio Engine processes, and force quitting both of them, then wait a few seconds, and try restarting Dorico once more?

This seemed to do the trick, thank you! Is this a process I will have to try each time I relaunch Dorico, or is this a one-off bug?

Hopefully not. Try quitting Dorico, waiting a few seconds, and checking that the VST Audio Engine process disappears in Activity Monitor. Provided the VST Audio Engine process quits properly when Dorico exits, then all should be well.

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Thanks for all your help!

As much as I love Dorico (and I REALLY love Dorico) it is the customer service that sets you all apart from every other piece of software I have ever used. Thank you for all your work building such an incredible product and for your help in keeping it running smoothly for all the users.