Dorico 5.1 save / open issue

I have just upgraded from Dorico 4 to 5. I have updated the 5 to the latest 5.1 and can open an initial file to work on; however, it will not save (save or save as), nor will the ‘open’ window open . I am able to open previous / recent Dorico 4 files (playback issue with each but I think I can solve elsewhere on the forum).

I have checked that the software is activated and it is. Can anyone advise what might be going on? Likely something simple I am missing but I haven’t experienced this with previous upgrades.

Thanks in advance.

Could you try the following:

  1. start up Dorico 5
  2. create a new score
  3. try saving it - I presume that won’t work
  4. immediately after that, do Help > Create Diagnostic Report

And then upload the diagnostic report file here.

Dorico (227.8 KB)

Thanks, Richard - hopefully the attached is what is needed?

Could you check in the Privacy & Security section of your Mac’s system settings, under “Files and Folders”, that you have given Dorico 5 permission to access your various folders (particularly the “Documents” folder).

Yes, similar settings to Dorico 4 as attached

I have since quit the application (lost some work but not a huge issue) and tried to reopen. It now won’t connect to an Audio Engine. It appeared to open fine when defaulting to NotePerformer but since I have changed the default to Iconica etc. it doesn’t want to open.

I see from the application log that you’re still running Dorico 5.1.10 - the latest build is 5.1.21. Could you install that (from Steinberg Download Assistant) and then try again? I don’t think that will be related to the problem with saving but it will help with reconnecting to the audio engine.

Will try that now. I thought I’d updated already but obviously not…

The update appears to have solved it. Thanks for your help, Richard - much appreciated.