Dorico 5.1 update has seemingly broken Halion Sonic SE3

The standalone version of Halion Sonic SE3 is now displaying this error message when I open it. This started happening after updating to Dorico 5.1.

Dorico 5.0 replaced HSSE 3 with Halion Sonic 7. Dorico 5.1 replaced the HSSE content with a new library Halion Sonic Selection.

Any reason, you still need to use HSSE 3 over HS 7?

That would explain it! I rarely use it and had no idea I was so many versions behind. Still strange that the update would break it. Halion 7 works fine.

Actually only one version. Halion was at v6, Sonic was at v3. With the release of Halion 7, they made the Sonic version number match instead of going to v4.

It’s probably that HALion Sonic 7 has updated some files, so the older version now thinks they aren’t there/the same as they were.