Dorico 5.1, Window for PlugIns and Instruments opens the first time with header out of sight

in Dorico 5.1, always when i open the first time a plugin or an instrument, it it displayed at the top of the window and the header is outside the monitor.
So i have to change the size and then it is shown completecand can be moved.


I’m not sure what might be causing that. Dorico itself doesn’t determine the position of the plug-in windows, so far as I know; that is all handled by the audio engine, which manages the plug-ins and their windows. Once the plug-in is shown, can you use Alt+Space to show the system menu, choose Move, hit Return, and then bring the window fully into the display using the arrow keys?

Yes moving in that way is possible.
But still at the first time the position is outside the window on every new inserted plug in or instrument.