Dorico 5.10 crashes while making a pdf

Dorico (667,2 KB)
I hope someone can help, Dorico 5.10 crashes everytime while making a pdf.

Welcome to the forum, Arjan, and I’m sorry you’re experiencing a crash. Unfortunately the diagnostic report you’ve attached doesn’t contain any crash logs. Does the problem affect all projects, or just one in particular? If the problem is limited to a single project, please attach it here or send it by email to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de.

Mac or Windows? OS? What pdf engine are you using—if Adobe, it’s important to know the product?

The latest builds of both Mac and Windows are having issues—but not the same issues.

Thanks, you inspired me to look at the printer settings. I replaced Foxit Reader by PDF24 and now it works well.

Dorico doesn’t need a third party PDF producer; it has its own. Go to the Print tab, then at the top right corner select Graphics. You’ll find various export options including file name settings that allow you to simultaneously export scores and parts as separate files, all automatically (file)named.

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