Dorico 5 and existing Groove Agent

I use Groove Agent SE 5 in Dorico 4. What happens when I update to Dorico 5? Will Groove Agent be detected and not installed? Or will it be re-installed? Will the GA sound set in my project stay intact?

Groove Agent SE 5 is part of Dorico 5, so you will get it with the update.

Yes, thanks, but I was wondering what happens to the old instance of GA. John Barrron just informed me on the Dorico facebook page that GA won’t be installed when I already have it, and when I open an old Dorico 4 project in Dorico 5, the old settings of GA will load.

Nothing untoward should happen: even if you ask SDA to download and install it, it won’t break your existing installation.

Thank you, very good.