Dorico 5 and external monitors

Hi, when I use Dorico 5 on my MB Air (M3) connected to an external monitor, on the external monitor it flickers slightly in an annoying way. I have tested it with two different monitors (Full HD and 4K) and it happens the same on both. is this normal?

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Hi @MBM37 how do you connect the monitor HDMI or USB-C/Thunderbold ? Which cable (cheap cables can transmit the signal not reliably)? Which monitor do you use? Does it happen only with Dorico or with other apps also? Did you try with different resolutions?

I have an M3 Max MacBook Pro and have reported this same issue previously.
My guess is that it is due to the interaction between Stage Manager and the Qt framework used to allow Dorico to run cross platform.
When you have Dorico on the external display, try either disabling Stage Manager, or use it full screen. It should hopefully help.

@Christian_R : for me this happens only with Dorico.

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Do you have any other Qt apps? Sibelius, MuseScore, Scribus, FontLab, etc?

Yes, I do, and no one exhibits this.
I recall chatting with Daniel about this but since he couldn’t reproduce this was our first guess. Of course, I have no idea if this is the case.

Hello and thanks!
It only happens with Dorico, and not always
The monitors are connected with good cables, via HDMI and USB-C
The resolutions are Full HD and 4k and I´ve tried with different resolutions

Thank you!

I also had this issue and therefore would be glad if the team could investigate in this direction.

We have seen this kind of flickering only very occasionally, but unfortunately never in a way that allows us to reproduce it and therefore figure out what could be causing it. Our assumption is that it’s somehow due to the way we are mixing components from two different user interface technologies within the project window, and that under certain hard to pin down circumstances this causes redraw problems, but as yet we don’t know how to reproduce it at will, and therefore we can’t even say for sure what causes it, let alone fix it.

When we’ve encountered it, we’ve always found that quitting and restarting the application provides some relief, until whatever circumstance that causes it to recur arises again.

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