Dorico 5 and guitar tablature improvements

Thinking about upgrading to version 5 but trying to work out what developments there have been for guitar notation since the latest version of 4 as it’s a major part of my workflow. I can’t see any obvious developments or improvements from what I have read. Thanks

What changes/additions in particular are you waiting for?

a major game changer for example would be to be able to set a fret position and have the tablature respond to that, instead of breaking everything down to open position as it is now.
If that fret position indicator would also issue keyswitches/playback techniques for the libraries that can make use of them (like Ample…), that would be icing on the cake.

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Hi Lillie, There was nothing specific per se. Really just trying to see if some of the issues I had previously outlined in earlier threads had been addressed. Nick

Check the Version History. If it’s not mentioned, nothing has changed!

I can’t see any reference to anything ‘Guitar’ in the version history so assume things are the same. Thanks.

I did this with custom playing/playback techniques for Ample, e.g.,

1st Position = I; 2nd Position = II and they send the corresponding key switch so the following plays back correctly.
Screenshot 2023-06-19 at 8.49.07 AM

Yeah, me too, but an integrated native solution would be nice regardless! :smiling_face:


Anyone have a good option for sliding to a note? I don’t mean something like sliding from A to B on a particular string, but sliding say to a B note on the G string?

Also, how to perform vibrato and convey vibrato on a particular note?

For a slide that isn’t connected to another note, I would use one of the straight jazz articulations in the ornaments panel.

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Richard, I’m having a hard time connecting these jazz articulations to my VSTi.
Is there a chart that outlines which jazz articulation is connected to which playback technique?
Are all these JA actually triggering something?
I’d love to use them with my guitar instruments, but some just don’t seem to do anything… :thinking:


The jazz articulations do indeed trigger the playback techniques you would expect. The playing techniques Scoop, Rip, Plop, Vibrato bar scoop, Fall (drop) and Doit are used as appropriate.

Daniel, I don’t seem to be able to find the “Lift (straight)” that Richard was referring to in the list of Playback Techniques…
That’s why I was wondering if all of the Jazz Articulations were triggering something somewhere, but according to the info you gave earlier, that doesn’t seem to be the case.


Lift (straight) refers to the actual printed jazz articulation. It triggers the Rip playback technique.

Fantastic!! Please Daniel, do you have a chart? :pray:

There isn’t a separate chart document, no, but you should find that if you’ve input jazz articulations into the music, you can see the playback techniques triggered by each one in the Key Editor.

Make sure the Playing Techniques editor is shown, then hover your mouse in the Playing Techniques editor where the corresponding notes are; a temporary text pop-up is displayed with further details about the sounds being used at that position.

:+1: Fair enough, I’ll make my own chart then and post it here for posterity (pun intended… :wink: )


Brace yourself for requests to update your chart after every future release :slight_smile: maintenance, not creation, is the real commitment!


It’s only one page against your thousands… :wink:

Hey Lillie, good morning!
quick question: I inputted a row of C5 quarter notes, assigned a bunch of Jazz Articulations, chose Tenor Saxophone with HS7, and applied the Playback Template one more time.
Under the Playing Techniques lane there is only “Natural” and in the pop-up it says “Active Technique: plop” for all notes, meaning, only the first note seems to issue a PBT, the rest gets ignored?
What am I doing wrong?

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