Dorico 5 and MIDI

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I’m new here, from Australia. I do not have Dorico, yet, but I’m hoping someone can tell me what paramaters are in a midi file when exported from Dorico 5?

I run Sibelius and export a midi file and open in Logic. In Sibelius there are 50 different options to export midi. Some are soundset based, eg: NotePerformer, VSL and such and some are by midi controller brand eg: Roland, Akai and such.

Each midi file holds diffeerent paramaters depening on the option selected.

Does anyone know if and eported Dorico midi file contains dynamics, articulations, expression, sustain, panning and such?



All the MIDI data that Dorico normally sends to the VSTs and instruments in use gets exported. Keyswitches, CCs, Note On/off, etc.

If Dorico is configured to use NotePerformer, then you’ll get NotePerformer’s MIDI data exported. If you select a Playback Template for another library, like Iconica Sketch, then you’ll get Iconica’s MIDI data exported.

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Hi Ben,

Thanks for this. Might you have ever compared the midi data from a NotePerformer and a Iconica Sketch midi file data to see what each contains?



They contain what the respective library expects to receive in order to play everything back properly: playing technique changes via key switches or volume via CC data. It really depends on how the library functions.

EDIT: if you want “clean” MIDI you should use the “silent” playback template.

I don’t use MIDI export much, so there might be something which I have overlooked, but my experience has been that an exported MIDI file is empty if the Silence playback template had been applied to the Dorico project.

Iconica Sketch, for example, uses C0 keyswitch for Staccato and D#0 for Sustain on Violins (amongst other patches). It uses CC 1 for dynamics.

When you apply an Expression Map in Dorico that maps the patches to the keyswitches, and Dynamics to CC 1, then Dorico sends the MIDI messages that Sketch needs.

Cool, thanks, Ben.

Thank you.