Dorico 5 and NotePerformer, again!

Good evening,
Some weeks ago I had problems with Dorico 5, due to my MacBook Pro/Intel. Now I have changed my computer to a MacBook Pro M1 and most of the problems have solved, but I still have some issues with NotePerformer and Dorico 5.

Now, I have all the faders of the mixer at 6 dB, reassigned Playback Template and so on, but NotePerformer does not work indeed.

I attach the Diagnostics Report…
Thank you!

Dorico (475.7 KB)

Hi @gualgasull , looking at the diagnostics, the audio engine does not find any output ports where it could stream the audio data to, so instead everything goes into void.
Please go to Edit > Device Setup and then click on the Control Panel button, a new window appears.
In there please make sure that the output ports are enabled.

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Thank you very much! This is a little strange; since yesterday I had worked with external speakers (through the mini-jack pin) and it worked. Yesterday I tried to work only with my laptop and I found out that it wasn’t working. Then, I tried again to work with the external speakers and they didn’t work too!

But now it’s solved! Thank you!

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