Dorico 5 Audio Crash

I’ve just updated to Dorico 5 and it crashes as soon as the project activates the audio. If I set the preferences to not activate the project then I can move around the various screens and enter notes. Activating the Playback power switch either crashes the app immediately or nothing happens if I hit play. The cursor stays where it was and playback doesn’t initiate. Usually crashes soon after.

Looking at the diagnostic reports I have repeated VSTAudioEngine5 crash logs. Here’s the latest:
VSTAudioEngine5-2023-05-27-115152.ips (46.1 KB)

I’m not sure where the Dorico crash logs are saved, so here’s a rtf of the last crash:
Dorico 5 crash (229.8 KB)

Also, I have no midi entry in Dorico 5. Opening Dorico 4 midi entry works. AudioMidi is seeing input from my keyboard and Midi inputs are activated in the Dorico 5 preferences.

Thanks in advance, I’m looking forward to getting into the details with version 5!

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We’ve seen this crash in the audio engine from a few other users since Dorico 5 was released on Wednesday. I’ll pass your log on to @Ulf as well. I’m pretty sure you’re experiencing the same problem described in this thread:

Right, I had a quick look and it is that very same crash. Unfortunately we have no fix for it, yet. Of course we will work on it, but can’t say when we will have a fix for it. This issue has high priority for us.
We also don’t know yet why it happens only on some machine and what the condition is.
@andydan , I hope you still have a Dorico 4 installation with which you can continue working.
Apologies and thank you for your patience.

Thank you @dspreadbury and @Ulf for your speedy responses. At least it’s a known crash! I will continue working in Dorico 4 until a fix arrives.

@andydan , thank you for your understanding.
It would be good though to get a system report from you, so that we know your computer specs. Thanks (AD-830)

No problem @Ulf . Here we go:
MacBook (613.2 KB)

Thanks again.

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Hi @Ulf , I’m not sure if Version included a fix for my issue, but I can confirm that the problems persist as before. I tried it with and without rosetta, and with the mac audio with my motu sound card turned off, and it made no difference.

I’ve attached latest VSTAudio crash log in case it’s useful:
VSTAudioEngine5-2023-06-01-120124.ips (46.3 KB)


Hi @andydan , yes, that’s right, does not have a fix for it. But I’m glad to tell you, that we do have a fix in the meantime. As quick as possible we will release another hotfix version. Just a little bit more patience, please.


Hi @Ulf , thank you. I just wanted to be sure. Happy to wait for the next version - I’m glad there’s a fix in the works.

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And even better news, we just now fixed also the cause for all the other trouble with MIDI :smiley:

That’s great news!

Also affected by this. :frowning:
Strange, since Dorico 5.0 was working OK for me initially - this only started happening today.
Attaching crash files from in case helpful.

VSTAudioEngine (335.8 KB)

Sorry for you running into this, Ed, but this is one of the crashes that Ulf and his team have fixed, and we will provide a further fix as soon as we can.

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Thanks Daniel. Do you have an ETA on when the Dorico 5 fix will roll out please?
Or is there a workaround to using Dorico 5 in the meantime?

Yes, I’ll drop you a direct message with more details.

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Hi Daniel,

I’d too appreciate an update on when the fix might be available (or a workaround) if you’re able to. I’ve been getting up to speed in Dorico 4, but I’m keen to begin work on the next piece, for which I am looking forward to using Dorico 5’s microtonal midi pitch bend options!

Thanks in advance

I think I accidentally flagged this post, sorry, pls disregard if I did.

I’m experiencing this crash, a lot. Are we still waiting for a fix, after all these weeks?

Yes, indeed, but the fix is coming very soon. Please hang on just a little while longer.

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