Dorico 5: Avid ASIO driver, no playback (case 3 - not MIDI problem)


I am a new arrival here, a refugee from Sibelius (some years ago now) via some years spent with Notion. I’ve just installed Dorico on a DAW which uses a rather old Avid interface. While it has no problem initialising the Avid audio driver, it produces no audio.

The Generic ASIO driver working on the same device is fine. I assume that the generic driver goes via the Windows WASAPI interface rather than directly to the hardware device.

Curiously, the same Avid ASIO driver is working fine directly on Cubase Elements 12, and for what it is worth the other DAWs.

So can anybody point me as to why Dorico might not be playing nicely with it?
What is the performance hit on using the Generic ASIO driver? I don’t really care how the audio gets out providing the driver is performant.

I’ve confirmed that Dorico has no problems on the same PC with my Focusrite Scarlett interface so it seems specific to the Avid/Dorico combination.


Hi @YizAKat , as a starting point, could you please load a project where no sound comes out and then do from the Dorico menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file in a reply to here? Thanks

Hi Ulf,

Before I do so let’s just check this isn’t a user error. I can, it turns out, hear notes if I play them or click on note-heads.

I can’t hear anything when the transport is moving, neither from the notes on the demo piece nor from the keyboard.

Nor can I hear when recording on a new empty project. Inking in notes is audible but again no playback.

I note that I also can’t hear the click.

I’ve attached the diagnostic report.
Dorico (344.9 KB)

It’s getting a little late here ‘down under’ so I think I’ll pick this up with a fresh pair of eyes tomorrow.

It seems odd, that preview of note entry works but not playback.

Have a good night and “speak to you” tomorrow

Actually, I had one more check. Scrub playback is working. So it seems everything except the normal playback is fine.

So not a driver or engine problem I assume, more likely I’ve got something wrongly set up I guess.

I can see some similar problems now relating to this - so it seems that this is the same issue you’re seeing elsewhere.

I will try the Flexio ASIO driver that has been suggested in those tomorrow.

Okay, this is what I just wanted to propose to you, because from the logs I can’t see anything unusual. So please try with FlexASIO and see how that goes. Thanks

The FlexASIO driver is working fine. So to summarise for me:

  1. FlexASIO: OK
  2. Generic Low Latency: OK
  3. Avid ASIO (native): NOT OK

With Avid Mbox driver:

  • Scrubbing, note preview (editing) is working.
  • Export is working.
  • Playback and click are not output.
  • MIDI (N/A - no midi output on this device)

So it looks as if anything that requires a real-time clock is not output. There is no audio (distorted or dropped audio) at all so it doesn’t look to be a buffering/performance issue.

I work as an engineer with Audio DSP (on hardware devices), so my world is I2S/SAI unfortunately not USB bus drivers, but I’m comfortable digging around USB drivers if you want me to do anything else to assist your engineers.

I’ve changed the title of this to more correctly match the problem and align with the others.

Hi @YizAKat , thank you for your support and offer.
I really don’t have the time right now, to dig deeper into this issue, since it seems to be a problem in a 3rd party driver.
Since it is only half broken my suspicion is some sample rate mismatch. But I have several other, more serious, crash issues to deal with, so I put this issue back in my priority list.
I might ask you for help when I’m less busy and can concentrate on this issue here again.

But thank you very much for your considerations.

No problems. It probably isn’t worth pursuing since this is a very old device, this gives me a justification for replacing it finally!

Thanks for your assistance.


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