Dorico 5 - Condensing Question

Hi, I have a question about some condensing of a few bars of Orchestral score. In the attached Dorico file, Horns 1-4 are condensed down to one staff. Which is what I want. The notation is showing 4 notes on each eighth note in bars 1-4. I would like it to show one note for Hns 1-2 and one note below for Hrns 3-4. Is there somewhere I can indicate to Dorico how I would like it to look when condensed? (two notes per eighth not four) Thank you.
_Condensing Question_Dorico5.dorico (1.0 MB)

Yes, this can be done using you should use manual condensing:

  • In Engrave mode, open the layout where you want to condense the horns manually.
  • Select an item at the rhythmic position where you want to start the condensing change.
  • Go to Engrave > Condensing Change to open the Condensing Change dialog.
  • In the condensing groups list, activate the checkbox for the condensing group that contains your horns.
  • Select the condensing group you want to adjust.
  • In the Manual Condensing section, activate the Condensing Approach.
  • Choose Manual Condensing.
  • In the players list, select and assign the players to voices and staves as needed, ensuring that Horns 1-2 are assigned to one voice/staff and Horns 3-4 to another.

For more information about condensing changes, see the manual:

Very much appreciated Daniel.