Dorico 5 constantly crashing

I got several issues with Dorico 5.

Since the installment of Cubase 13 it constantly crashes when closing or saving a project. Then Dorico doesn’t open again - the initialization of the audio-engine is failing - without restarting my Mac.

Next issue: It doesn´t play any sound with Halion SE and the transport-panel is greyed out, but with f.e. a Kontakt-Instrument sound is playing and saving or closing is possible without the beachball of doom.
But even then a new opening of Dorico isn’t possible, the initialization of the audio-engine is failing without rebooting the OS.

Reinstalling everything (Dorico and Cubase 13), trashing the Dorico-Audio-Engine Prefs didn’t do anything. The tool which should fix the problem with the broken file-system after the installment of Cubase 13 didn’t help either.

It seems to be a real mess. Dorico-Diagnostics-File is attached.

Thanks in advance for any help.

My system-specs:
Mac mini 2023 - Apple M2 Pro - 32 GB RAM - Sonoma 14.1.1. - Cubase 13 - Dorico 5

Dorico (657.1 KB)

Check this out…

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Nope, unfortunately not.

I didn’t have any problem with updating to Cubase 13. But this week (coming back home after an opera production) I discovered I had a serious issue with Sonoma and my Steinberg audio card (and MIDI interface) UR242… It is not compatible (yet?)
Inputting notes with the computer keyboard is not cool when you need to input chords…

Thanks for the data.
Actually, there are no crash files contained, only some diag files that get created when apps are unresponsive, but still running.

When you can’t start up, can you please have a look in the Activity Monitor and see if there is a VSTAudioEngine process and if it is marked as not responding?
If you kill such instance, does Dorico then start up?
Also, please have a look for a process called vstscannermaster, is that one always around or only during startup?

Quick update: Turned out that the MediaBayServer is always crashing on Rallay’s machine and therefore any request to the media server ends in an endless wait for the return result.