Dorico 5 crash everyday

Hi. I have run Dorico 5 for two weeks now. I do not turn off my computer at night and just let Dorico run until I use it next day. It worked just fine in Dorico 4.

But Dorico 5 often crash if I leave it running without using it for several hours. Almost every day I think. When I come back after several hours Dorico 5 has frozen and I have to kill the application process. On every new startup a crash dialog is shown and every time I choose to send the crash log to Steinberg.

I run MacOS 12.6.6. Anyone else having this problem? And is this something you in the Dorico team already are aware of?

Hi @GustafLundell , could you please do from Dorico’s menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here? Thanks

I seem to have that kind of crash every time I shut down Dorico, because each time I open it it asks me whether I want to send diagnostics to Steinberg (which I accept every time). Certainly unusual with such a robust app as Dorico.

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Hi Marc, please also send a diagnostics report. Merci beaucoup

Here you are !
Dorico (1.7 MB)

Hi @MarcLarcher ,
funny enough, but your diagnostics only contain 1 real crash file. That one got generated 20 mins ago and is a crash in Pianoteq 8.
And I don’t know, but could it be that the screen just continues nagging you about sending reports over and over?

I don’t leave mine open overnight, but it is open 6-7 hours a day when I’m at work; and I have not been experiencing this behavior. (Also mac) so something in particular must be causing problems on your machine.

I will update to the latest Pianoteq version (I was lagging two updates behind…). I’ll see if that sorts it out !
[Edit] : it doesn’t. I don’t know if it’s still the same problem. Same consequences: none during Dorico use, but the message at startup.
Dorico (1.7 MB)

Hi Marc, there was a newer crash file from 2 pm and it was Pianoteq again, exact version was: com.modartt.Pianoteq8.VST3 (8.1.1)

Yes, that is the last version I just installed. Weird. I will try and pass this on the modartt team!

Edit: I’m sorry, but this time I did not open a file that uses Pianoteq and I still get the message at restart.
Dorico (1.6 MB)

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I had Dorico 5 crash when I pulled Dorico from the background (I’m using Stage Manager) and auditioned a note by selecting it. The note sounded and then wouldn’t play any sound upon re-clicking the note or trying to play the piece from the selection by pressing ‘P’. I re-applied the playback template (NotePerformer 4 with NPPE and four instances of CSP piano loaded) and got the spinning wheel of death. Examining the processes with the Activity monitor showed Dorico non-responsive, the VST audio engine running without problems and NPPE running fine as well. I’m attaching various diagnostics.
Dorico (874.9 KB) (1.0 MB)

M2 Mac Mini, 24GB ram, OS 13.4

Modartt engineers have received the diagnostics, but since the last crash shouldn’t involve PianoTeq, they asked me to keep the ticket open with you.

I’ve been working with Dorico 5 on my Mac this week and I also have the same experience as mentioned above. Everytime I shut down or close a project Dorico crashes.
Here are 3 different logs from this evening.
Dorico crasah (18.9 KB)

Hi Ulf,
He is the diagnostics zip
Dorico (3.2 MB)

After I post this issue I realize that I had a red triangle with an exclamation mark in the bottom-right corner of the window. It was about the audio connection. I tried to switch to different audio interfaces without any difference. But when I finally switched back to my normal external audio interface and choose an other output pair than the default 1/2 (main speakers) the red symbol disappeared and I haven’t got any more crashes.

For me it doesn’t matter what audio output I use because I don’t use audio in Dorico at all because it doesn’t support surround or multiple outputs. Instead I send all playback in Dorico as midi to Nuendo where I host my instruments so I can compose with 7.1.2 listening. So for me it’s just fine to use an other output to get rid of the crashes.

Why not just use the silence playback template and skip the audio engine all together?

With deactivated audio engine, midi in and output do not work either.

Ah. Didn’t know that. Weird.

Yes, I learned that the way that I had the silent template as default for a while and was often looking in the wrong place for the reason why the midi input was not working :thinking:

Hi @GustafLundell , thank you for the data. Contained are 2 crash files and they show a well known pattern of a crash in the MIDI area of the audio engine. We have fixed that bug already and @dspreadbury will send you a hotfix version.

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Would it be possible to let us know when this bug fix is canonized, for those of us postponing upgrading to V5 until it’s stable?