Dorico 5 crashes to desktop

Hi all

Just installed Dorico 5 and every time I start it, it crashes to the desktop within seconds if I open or create a file. I get no other warning but the “busy” cursor (pointer with rotating circle) and no error message. Windows doesn’t appear to detect an application crash.
I’m running Win10 pro 22H2, build 19045.3324, i7-7700, 16 GB of memory and over 100 GB of free disk space.
Dorico (179.3 KB)
Activation Manager and eLicencer both say licence activated. ELicencer says its healthy.
And yes, I did reinstall Dorico and reboot my pc.

Any ideas ?


Hello, dorico 5 has nothing to do with ELicenser anymore

I’ve been having what sounds like similar problems with an older PC. It seems to be something specific to my PC however. I installed D5 on another PC and it works fine.
On the failing one, it flashes briefly an error on the screen, then goes away before I can read it, so not exactly the same issue I guess - it just never comes up after that. Activation manager won’t start on that PC either. I’ve mostly just moved my work to the other PC now as it seems to have stumped the experts here.

Sorry to hear you’re having problems, @sdg-h, and welcome to the forum. Unfortunately your diagnostics don’t contain any crash logs. Could you please follow the advice here:

Dorico is crashing. What do I do?
Although we make every effort to ensure that Dorico will run stably on everyone’s computer, you may occasionally encounter a crash. To help us troubleshoot the problem, please follow these steps.

On Windows, applications no longer produce a crash dump by default. You can make your computer generate the minidump files we need to diagnose your problem by downloading, unzipping and double-clicking this Registry key: (503 Bytes)
Now when Dorico crashes, Dorico will create mini-dump files that we can use to determine what happened before it crashed.

Once you’ve set up that Registry key, please try running Dorico again, and when it next crashes, the next set of diagnostics you create should contain some crash logs that we can investigate.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your reply. I have found a file that looks like a crash dump, but I can’t upload it : the raw file is 454 MB and 11.5 MB once compressed…


Most of the time, it’s third-party VSTs. Maybe remove them all, and see if things improve. Then add half of them back, and test again.

No VSTs other than those that come with Dorico5.

Ok, you should be able to download the crash dump file here (Google drive)
That is, if I got everything right this time…



Thanks very much for providing the crash dump. It looks as if the crash is in the Nvidia graphics drivers. Can you please check that you’re using the most up-to-date suitable graphics drivers for your GPU?

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Indeed, no more crashes (so far…) with the latest Nvidia drivers (536.99).
Thanks !


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