Dorico 5 crashes when trying to edit custom instrument

Diagnostics report attached:

Dorico (398.7 KB)

Created a custom Piano with a single line. When I tried to edit this instrument the program crashed.

Could you give a bit more detail about the steps to reproduce the crash? I can edit the Piano to reduce the number of staves to 1 without causing a crash. If you could give me a step-by-step procedure then I will take a look.

  1. Started a project with a single piano
  2. Created a new instrument and called it PianoOneLine
    a) Under ‘Library’ selected ‘Instruments…’
    b) With ‘Piano (in score)’ selected 'create a New Instrument from Selection’ and renamed it (no variant name given)
    c) Changed new instrument to 1 stave with 1 staff line (no other changes)
    d) Saved new instrument as default and clicked OK
  3. Added the new piano to the player card in setup (so the Piano player is holding 2 instruments)
  4. Added some music to the file to include the single-staff piano. Saved file
  5. Tried to edit the new instrument
    a) Under ‘Library’ selected the new instrument
    b) Dorico crashed (Quits unexpectedly)

    Piano_PianoOneStaff.dorico (496.3 KB)

Great, thanks, I can reproduce that now. We’ll take a look.

It looks to me like the crash only occurs when the same player is holding both instruments, so as a temporary workaround you could try splitting the instruments between players first, before you do the edit.

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