Dorico 5 crashing at startup

Hi, (48.0 KB)
As part of a computer music course, a student’s computer keeps crashing every time Dorico 5 is launched.
Multiple uninstallations/reinstallations have done nothing. I’m turning to you to try and find a solution to this problem, which I’ve never encountered personally.
Attached is the diagnostic report recommended in several other forum posts.
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It looks to me as if the problem is caused by the Eucon shared component on the student’s computer. Please check in the location /Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Components to see if there is a Eucon shared component in there. Move it out of that folder and then see if Dorico will start as expected.

Thank you @dspreadbury, the problem has been solved thanks to your advice !
This is further proof that Dorico is chosen not only for the quality of its software but also for its after-sales service :wink:
I think I could have waited a (very) long time for an answer if I had stayed with the competition.
Have a great day!