Dorico 5 crashing constantly (every 2 hours approximately.)

Hello everyone…
I don’t know what’s happening, but for the last week dorico 5 has been crashing constantly. He has become slower and today I threw out all my shortsuts…
Any idea what it could be, I haven’t installed any new installers or anything like that.
MacBook Pro M1 Max
ps. I have the problem report from the crash, but it’s too long to copy here…

Definitely not normal. Dorico almost never crashes for me.

Have you done a major system update? What plugins are you trying to use?

Also, you can just generate a diagnostic report and attach the file here; no copy and pasting required.

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Hi @Rolly , please do from the Dorico menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report which creates a zip file on your desktop. If it is too large to be attached here, please send it to u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de instead. Thanks

For the record, it’s half past seven in the morning on a Monday in Germany… Best support ever! :pray:


hi early birds :slight_smile: indeed Marc, that is very early in the morning! thxxx

No Romanos, I haven’t done any bigger updates…

Ulf, In the attachment the 2 files, diagnostics and error report…

Error Report.pdf (143.2 KB)

Dorico (1.6 MB)

Hi late bird :wink:

thanks very much for the data. In the diagnostics also your latest crash report is contained, plus there is one more in the diagnostics. Both crashes are in Dorico itself, so someone from the London teams needs to have a look at it (@dspreadbury ).
But I wonder, you say it is crashing round about every second hour. In that case I would expect the diagnostics report to contain many more crash files. Did you clean up recently the location where all the crash reports go?

no, I didn’t change it,
last night I had 2, but the day before yesterday I had several, at least 3 during the whole day…
it’s great that you want to look at it! Thxx

Thanks for the crash reports. Both of them are unusual, and one of them suggests some kind of resource exhaustion. Could you also produce an Apple System Report, zip that up, and attach it here?