Dorico 5 crashing on SurfacePro 8

Hi, I’ve been using Dorico 5.1.40 on a SurfacePro 8 while travelling, and it’s mostly fine, but has been repeatedly crashing (I click something and a spinning wheel appears, and I have to abort - and I think restart the computer). I can manage by saving obsessively, but I attach a diagnostics download after the latest occasion, in case anyone could have a look at it. Many thanks.
Dorico (455.6 KB)

Hi @Neil_Stoker ,
sorry to hear about your trouble with Dorico.
Actually, the diagnostics contain 2 dump files of the Dorico Audio Engine, but they are of size zero, so I can’t do anything with them.
If you go to your Documents folder, there should be the subfolders Steinberg/Crashes. In the Crashes folder, please zip up everything you can find there and post here again. Thanks

@Ulf thanks - all the files in the Crashes folder are empty. As that is the case, it may be that no-one can help.

Hi @Neil_Stoker , wait wait, I’m not at the end of my wits, yet :wink:

You say that Dorico is crashing, right? Butis it really crashing or just hanging and appearing to be froozen? I suppose the latter one it is, yes?

If that is the case, then please download the free tool Process Explorer. Then, when Dorico becomes unresponsive, open the Process Explorer and in the list find Dorico and VSTAudioEngine. Do a right click on them and from the pop-up menu choose Create > Create mini dump . Follow the onscreen instructions and create a dump file, these dump files please create for Dorico and VSTAudioEngine, and even better, take 2 such dumps in a row for each, The VSTAudioEngine as well as Dorico. Then zip them all up and send me please to u dot stoermer @ steinberg dot de. Thanks a lot


Hi @Ulf - you’re right, it just hangs. I’ll try that out.
Many thanks, Neil